A quick look at ESXi rollback

vmware_view_pilot-5132020Last week I went on a vSphere Fast Track [v6]. One of the most interesting things that I learned was that a rollback feature exists within ESXi, which has been around since ESXi 3.5. It may be handy in some specific scenario’s, like when you experience driver issues after an update from ESXi 5.5 to ESXi 6.0. Most of my fellow students including myself were unaware of this functionality, simply because it’s so easily missed and rarely used. For me a reason to further investigate this feature.

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My ITIL Foundation exam experience

itilLast week I finally obtained my ITIL Foundation (version 3 syllabus 2011) in IT Service Management certificate by passing the EX0-001 exam! It took me about 2 months in total in order to achieve this, although it can easily be done in less time. It simply took me more time, because I really wanted to learn the concept, instead of just smashing some information in your head just for the exam.

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Permanent Contract

andarrI started with my job at Andarr just two months ago. Time flew by so fast since then, which eventually meant I did not have any time to write a single blog. I also really underestimated the impact that traveling time has on your motivation. This is slowly changing, especially since I’m getting used at working at my new employer and everything is going well at my customer.  Besides, this week my probationary period ended and this implicates I’ve  got a permanent contract now! Of course I have still got lots of work and study to do, while sharing my learning experiences was the main raison I actually started this blog. 

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My new job

andarrI officially started at my new job earlier this week. I started as a Technical Engineer at Andarr. This is a small consulting company situated in Utrecht, The Netherlands. The company itself has about 60 consultants, each specialized in a certain IT subdiscipline.  The average level of skill of my new colleges is very high, which obviously implicates that I can learn a lot from them.

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Introducing Windows 10 for IT Professionals, Preview Edition

ebook windows10System administrators are always required to keep up with the technical changes within the IT-field. Therefore it’s also very important to know and understand what has changed with the introduction of Windows 10. You will need a trustworthy source in order to do this, since incorrect information isn’t quite scarce on the internet. Microsoft Press released a free ebook called “Introducing Windows 10 for IT Professionals, Preview Edition” just a few months ago. This book can be used just for this specific task.

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PowerShell Basics: PowerShell cmdlets

This is my second post that is part of blog series called PowerShell Basics. Within this blog series, I will try to explain basic PowerShell scripting principles with understandable explanations and examples.  Last time we ended our “An introduction to PowerShell” discussion by briefly covering PowerShell’s commandlets (cmdlets), which are used to  provide interaction with .NET resources. Today’s post will further discuss these cmdlets, since they are used to actually (at least most of the time) execute scripted- and manual executed tasks from within Windows PowerShell.

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Using Cortana with Windows 10

Windows-10Cortana is the personal assistant utility of Windows 10. It helps you getting started with some basic Windows user tasks. Cortana will help you find things on your PC or mobile device, manage your calendar items, track packages, find files, it will chat with you, and it will tell you jokes. Cortana basically is a functionality that lives within the search box on the taskbar. The utility itself can currently only be used if you have configured your system settings correctly.

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PowerShell Basics: A first introduction to PowerShell

This is my first post that is part of the blog series called PowerShell Basics, that I announced last week.  I will try to explain basic PowerShell scripting principles with understandable explanations and examples within this blog series. With today’s blog, I will discuss the foundation of all of this by discussing what PowerShell itself actually is. This will be done by first describing how PowerShell works in the background, followed by covering what the largest differences are compared with the old command prompt.

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Announcement Blog series: PowerShell Basics

PowerShellWindows PowerShell is a utility that has been around for quite some time. In computer sciences terms, Windows PowerShell may be called a shell, which is a user interface that gives you access to an operating system and the various services that it runs. A shell can be fully command-line based or it can include a graphical user interface (GUI). PowerShell by itself is an advanced command-line based environment, that eventually tends to fully replace the good old Windows command-line utility. Microsoft designed the tool to help administrators easily automate and resolve management tasks. However, mastering PowerShell’s automation to it’s full potential is not quite as easy as it seems.

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Windows 10 lock-out bug

Windows-10Windows 10 was released just a few weeks ago. The operating system itself still contains a lot of bugs, although it has gone through various testing stages. One of those bugs has a very nasty effect on domain joined Windows 10 machines, is not specifically related to updated or fresh installed machines and it seems to be introduced with build xxxx62 of the operating system. This bug is related to some Kerberos Pre-authentication issues that Windows 10 currently has.

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